Not ur keys....and pools


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You might know the common quip, "Not your keys, not your coin."  While in essence that may be true, maybe you just left them in your other pants.  Alas, I jest.  

Even for newbies to crypto mining, the concept of mining with a group of other miners may not be that difficult to understand.  Mitigating mining operational risk is much the same as any other business where - as Nassim Taleb would put it - outcomes are symmetrical and "skin in the game" as it were is evident.  It comes by way of diversifying that risk across as many assets as possible, whether they be yours or not.  In the latter case, the deduction of your return is directly proportional to the amount of derisking.  It is perhaps due to this perfect symmetry of outcomes that I find it ironic that Taleb is against cryptocurrency in general.

In any case, I had a revelation about pooling assets when it concerns miners.  


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